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B.K. 1 Brake Parts Cleaner



Brake Parts Cleaner B.K. 1 vs. Aerosol Spray Cans:

Aerosol spray cans are expensive - If only 4 ounces are used on each wheel to wet, clean and rinse the brake area, it would take one full can (16 ozs.) of cleaner for each brake job. At $3.50 per can it would cost $525.00 to do 150 vehicles.

Features and Benefits:


  • All natural

  • Non regulated and Non WHMIS

  • Non flammable
  • Non hazardous - No petroleum solvents
  • Non caustic
  • No flash point
  • User friendly

  • Biodegradable

  • Non toxic

  • Economical -20 Litres of B.K. 1 will provide sufficient brake cleaning solution to service about 150 vehicles.


B.K. 1 provides the latest advances in chemistry to reduce the cost of controlling hazardous fibres during brake and clutch repairs while offering the best in environmental protection for the installer, and liability protection for the shop owner.

Petroleum based products can not be used when cleaning or inspecting the rear brake lining (where most of the dust is collected) since the lining may absorb some of the solvent, rendering the lining not reusable. Petroleum based solvents are not recommended for brake inspections since the petroleum distillates are known to damage brake parts and friction materials. B.K. 1 does not compromise the integrity of the lining and provides unmatched performance when cleaning brakes for inspection.

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