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L. P. GELSOL Natural Degreaser


Features and Benefits:


The safest, environmentally friendly, non flammable degreaser/cleaner available. Fully biodegradable and with very low marine toxicity. L.P. Gelsol has a multitude of uses both onshore and offshore.

Concentrated L.P. Gelsol will remove oil, grease, mud and dirt from trucks, garages, decks, shipping and rigging superstructures, factory floors, machinery and equipment. Also ideal as an industrial laundry additive for heavy oil and grease stained overalls and wipes. L.P. Gelsol is a blend of naturally based emulsifiers for degreasing power with biodegradability. Also contains safe, biodegradable solvent to give added speed of soil, oil and grease penetration and dissolving. L.P. Gelsol is convenient and easy to use either concentrated or diluted with fresh or sea water and rinses away easily with the oil, grease and dirt.


  • Low Marine Toxicity   
    Permits regular and frequent use on all offshore structures and ship vessels with confidence. Use as marine engine degreaser and bilge cleaner.

  • Biodegradable   
    Very effective cleaning without long term harm to the environment.

  • Safe   
    Non flammable, non caustic, low irritancy and ultra low toxicity, eliminates ALL of the normal degreasing hazards to operators.
  • Economical
    A 100% concentrate can be diluted from 6% - 12%. Active with water and maintains oil solubility and thickness.
  • Effective
    Rapidly emulsifies heavy oils and grease dirt, rinsing easily to save operator time and effort.
  • Non WHMIS, Non Regulated

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