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Paint Gun Cleaner Model # LP PLC500A

The LP PLC500A directs P.G.L. 2020 Paint Gun & Line Cleaner through and over paint guns and accessories to thoroughly clean both inside and outside. Manual cleaning can take 10 20 minutes.

The LP PLC500A complies with new clean air quality rules (USA) and reduces the cost of cleaning.

Cleans most paint guns and accessories in less than two minutes.

Paint Gun Cleaner Demo Pictures


  • Polyethylene container impervious to most solvents

  • Cleans two guns at once

  • Guns do not need to be taken apart.

  • High torque air motor requires only 7 cfm at 60 psi. Regulator and gauge included.

  • 8 micron filter. Pump prefilter removes paint & debris before it reaches pump

  • Meets air quality rules including S.C.A.Q.M.D. rule 1171

  • Reduces consumption of solvent up to 90%

  • Aluminium lid keeps solvent inside unit to be recycled

  • Air safety switch. Lid must be closed and latched before unit will operate.

  • Chrome plated, steel mounting frame.

  • 12 Nozzles for complete cleaning action

  • Shortens cleaning time 1 to 2 hours per day.

  • High torque rotary vane air motor for positive starts and powerful cleaning action

  • Sealless magnetic drive pump No seals to wear out or replace

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