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P.G.L. 2020 Paint Gun & Line Cleaner


P.G.L. 2020 is a pure solvent blend designed to replace ozone depleting solvents such as 1,1,1 - Trichloroethylene and CFC’s and toxic/low flash point solvents such as toluene, MEK and acetone. P.G.L.2020 will effectively remove paint, resins, glues, tar, grease, polymers and coatings. It is a very efficient urethane flush solvent.

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P.G.L. 2020 is a unique natural solvent blend which is non-carcinogenic, non-flammable and environment friendly.

Features and Benefits:

Features: Benefits:

• Economical

Pure natural solvent which does not breakdown (product 
may be easily filtered).

• Long Lasting

When used in conjunction with Lord & Partners LP 
PLC500A Paint Gun Cleaner PGL 2020 will last 10 times 
than conventional paint thinners or MEK

• Reduction in 
  side stream

Ten times reduction in disposal of waste, a major 
cost savings

• Versatile

Dissolves all types of paints (epoxy, 2 part epoxy, rubber 
based, toluene, urethane and water based) inks, resins, 
tar, polymers and coatings.

• Effective

Powerful natural solvent works very quickly.

• Non-Flammable

Cleans all types of paint guns and air lines.

• Dip Tank

Effective in dip tank cleaning operations.

• Sealant Removal

Aids in the removal of PRC and Hy Sol sealant for aircraft.


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