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Composite-Thermal/Aqueous Parts Washer Model # LP 2G

Cleaning parts with a solvent or caustic parts washer is expensive, time consuming and generates hazardous waste. Solve these problems by switching to a water based parts cleaning system. The LP 2G will reduce costs, cleaning time, and eliminate hazardous solvents. The technology of choice, for most businesses making the switch from solvents, is a  Composite-Thermal/Aqueous Parts Washer - Model # LP 2G 

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Features and Benefits:

Eliminate Hazardous Waste
Traditional solvents cleaning operations generate large quantities of hazardous waste. Every parts washer service of a solvent parts washer means that usually 40-80 litres of waste is generated.

Using L.P. Parts W. Sol in the LP 2G eliminates hazardous waste

Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) comply with new VOC regulations

Eliminate Costly recycling or hazardous waste disposal cost.
For every $1.55 spent on hazardous material it now costs $12.50 to have hazardous waste materials disposed.


  • Dual Filtration-oil skimmer and drain filter

  • Composite construction

  • 100 watt work light with shatter guard and aluminum heat sink

  • Aluminum control panel with switches for heater, skimmer, pump and light

  • 1500 watt heater with thermostat control


  • Continuous clean solution

  • No paint to peel or chip

  • No steel construction to rust, dent, leak

  • Lighted work area for less eye fatigue, more efficient use of parts washer

  • Provides control for operator to use only those functions needed.

  • Heater is on only when needed. Heated solution cleans better than cold solutions.

  • CSA approved

Oil Skimmer:
The oil skimmer is mounted on the side of the composite construction square base. Oil and other petroleum contaminates float to the top of the reservoir. The skimmer then removes the contaminates. The operator is left with continuously clean cleaning solution and no hazardous waste.

Dual Filtration

Uses a dual filtration system to continuously clean and recycle the cleaning solution. Drain filter eliminates solid particles from the cleaning solution.

Composite Construction
Double wall construction will not rust or dent. The double wall features insulates, so the LP 2G requires less energy to stay at the optimum cleaning temperature.

Overall Dimensions:
Height (lid open) 65"
Height (lid closed) 42"
Width 37"
Depth 28"

Inside Work Area Dimensions:
Length 31 1/2"
Width 21"
Depth 10"

Electrical requirements 115 volts 60 Hz*

Lighting 60 watt


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