Green Strategic Planning

Lord & Partners Ltd. offers a Green Strategic Planning (GSP) consultation service. The GSP service involves a Lord & Partners consultant meeting with management, environmental managers and health and safety supervisors to conduct an on-site inventory of the harmful cleaning and degreasing products currently in use. A proposal for the replacement of harmful cleaning and degreasing products with environmentally responsible alternatives is subsequently forwarded. Alternative products are demonstrated and maintenance and cleaning staff are trained on their proper use on-site.

Lord & Partners Ltd. would like to help your organisation move towards reducing your workplace health and safety hazards and the impacts of your activities on the environment. Please contact Lord & Partners Ltd. head office to arrange for a consultation.

Lord & Partners Ltd. issues Certificates of Environmental Commitment to its customers who commit themselves to reducing their workplace health and safety hazards and the impacts of their activities on the environment through the use of Lord & Partners Ltd. products.

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